Ukrainian artist: IIGFF6 an important environmental event

A top Ukrainian artist described the 6th Iran International Green Film Festival (IIGFF6) as an important environmental event.

Illya Pavlov a member of visual art jury of the IIGFF6 said the festival is beautifully organized.

“We do not have such a movie festival in Ukraine and I think it was such a surprise that such network exists on this topic in Iran,” he added.

Touching upon the importance of green energy, Pavlov said green energy is very vital issue, he added that this matter is a way forward.

The 6th Iran International Green Film Festival (IIGFF6) inaugurated in Cinema Palestine in Tehran attended by several high-ranking Iranian officials and foreign cinematic people, on Sep 9, 2017.

Vice-President Masoumeh Ebtekar, Head of Department of Environment (DoE) Issa Kalantari, as well as the Iranian and foreign guests attended the inauguration ceremony of this international cultural event.